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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 30, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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that's how fox reports on this saturday night. i'm harris falkner, huckabee is next. >> i need a good costume for the halloween white house party. it has to send a message, a strong message. my poll numbers aren't good. i need to show i'm a straight american who cares about the people and can also fix the mess we're in. let's see, i could go as abe lincoln. who doesn't like honest abe, the ultimate president and perhaps one of the greatest americans ever and he's from illinois, like me. . >> no, too old. i could go as ronald reagan. hey, he had the reagan
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democrats, he must have been okay. the independents love him, too, and he won his second term by a landslide. and it will never fly with my liberal base and that's all i've got left, i think. and if i can have some fun and go as nancy pelosi. >> oh! >> way too scary. and she thinks she's the queen anyway, she's not the queen. i'm the king. i got it. i'll be a king. it fits like a glove. if republicans keep voting down my ideas i'm going to force them down their throats anyway. if congress won't pass my jobs plan, i'm going to bypass them and take executive action, perfect. king barack.
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♪ >> tonight on huckabee, as europe tries to bail out of a financial collapse, is it too late for america to avoid the same economic dass disaster? european member a peter schiff are not afraid to tell it like it is. >> and what advice would you give obama? >> instead of changing the sales policies, all obama has done is make it work. >> and the obama jobs plan failure. >> and ♪ >> he's selling out shows all across america. and now, country superstar toby keith rocks the house with the governor. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> thank you very much, great to have all of you here. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. well, halloween is just around
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the corner, and you don't have to wait until the trick-or-treaters come to your door to be scared. all you've got to do is think of another election season with candidates in both parties doing their best to cause you to question the patriotism, sanity, integrity, even the birthplace of their opponents. it's no secret i have strong convictions about issues that range from the sanctity of life to the fair tax. and unlike some people who talk as experts about politics, i actually spent nearly 20 years on the field as a candidate and a candidates and then as an office older and i'm serious takes to how to solve america's problems and the focus is placed on the rather absurd political colonoscopy performed on the candidates on other candidates and pundits in the media most of whom speak with great authority, but who have never actually left the comfort of the press box and come off the field muddy and bloody from
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personally engaging in the game. look, i've got serious crest about barack obama's judgment, his experience, his qualifications, his understanding of the fundamentals of economics, his grasp on the thread of islamo fascism and his political skills dealing with another party. i don't question his patriotism. the sincerity of his faith. his place of birth or exsem mrarry behavior as a husband and father, and now, i believe he loves god and country. now, he may see both differently than me and i'm going to continue to take issue with his issues, but i will not be part of the personal attacks that i find dishonorable and frankly demean the entire process. the press focuses on the conflicts instead of the issues and carries over to the candidates. >> you're alaid--
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ments let me speak. >> you had your chance, let me speak. >> rick, you had your chance, let me speak. >> you're out of time. >> rick, again-- >> rick, i'm speaking, i'm speaking. >> you have get 30 seconds, the way the rule works i get 60 seconds and then you get to respond, right. >> and anderson. >> you say-- >> governor, would you please wait. >> will you keep-- this is my mine, what i have to is a say. >> makes your head want to explode! >> look what matters to you, voter? i don't think that mitt romney's personal faith ought to be an issue in the campaign and i don't think that herman cain abandons his profile modified and where newt gingrich shops for jewelry and i don't think that michele bachmann is crazy because she happens to believe in creation. and i don't believe that rick santorum is homophobic because he believes in traditional marriage and i don't think at
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that rick perry is for immigration because he believes the children who went to school in his state and did well might be better becoming taxpayers rather than tax takers and i don't think that ron paul is whacky because he wants to get rid of the fed or john huntsman once worked for president obama as ambassador to chooirn. if you've read my book, do the right thing or hope to higher ground. you know that i believe that politics needs to be less horizontal, right, left, democrat, republican, conservative, liberal. it ought to be more vertical. the question is, is it taking us up or down? are things getting better, or are they getting worse? now, if my show or my comments aren't caustic or combative or confrontational, or critical enough for you, i'm sure you probably can find somebody on television who is mad all the time and you could watch them. but for me, america is too
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good a country to be wasted by a bad attitude. [applause] >> and that's my view. now, what's yours for the bad attitude. contact me at mike huckabee and click on the fox news feedback session and sign up for my facebook page or follow me on twitter. well, on thursday, european leaders cut a deal to bail out debt riddled greece, how solvent is europe. my next guest warned that the u.s. is headed down the same road. daniel hannan is a british member of the european parliament who two years ago made headlines with these words to former british prime minister gordon brown. >> it's not that you're not apologizing. like everybody else, i've got the incapable of accepting responsibility, it's that you're carrying on willfully, worsening our situation, wantonly spending what we have left. you cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow your
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way out of debt. >> and peter schiff is an american businessman, he says the government is stifling production and he shared his opinion with the the anti-wall street protesters earlier this week. >> how much do you think i could pay, what would be fair for me? >> i don't know, i can't tell you that. i believe in-- >> i'd like the same as everybody. >> well, that would be a huge tax cut for me, i pay much more than 35%. >> what do you think to pay. >> and i employed-- >> well, these two gentlemen don't mince words. daniel hannan the author of the "the new road to serfdom", and daniel schiff i don't how an economy grows and why it crashes". thank you, welcome back to the show. daniel, let me start with you, because i want to ask you about what's going on in europe and how much you think that is mirroring, what is taking place and is perhaps
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going to take place in the united states. tell me about the similarities you see and do you think our president has a responsibilities and a role in what you see happening? >> well, let's start with what's happening in europe, and we have a situation where the european leaders are going to borrow inconceivable 1.4 trillion dollars. now, from whom are they going to borrow it first of all. if somebody had 1.4 trillion dollars, you'd think they'd found a use. and more to the point, what's the collateral? who is the garan tore, the ultimate is the garan torses ultimately are the taxpayers of italy, spain, greece, ireland and portugal. in other words, the garan tors are the same people as the debtors, now the united states that's known as a ponzi scheme and carries a prison sentence there's no new money here. is the u.s. going in the same direction? there's time for you guys to
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turn off the road. we can see you in the rear view mirror you're not nearly as far down the road as we are. but the same basic problem and peter schiff has been talking about, that you're consuming more and more without any commensurate increases in production. and that's as true in the europe. >> and peter let me get to the question of administration, how much responsibility do they wear for the policies and resulting calamities that daniel has just described. >> quite a bit. i wish we had stanley as a member of congress, we could use him on this side of the atlantic. president obama inherited a bad hand, but he played it poorly and a lot of people in congress now are the same people who were in congress during the entire decade and that's when the problems were created. we blew up the housing bubble over a period of time. we did that with keep money from the federal reserve, we did it with guaranteed mortgages from freddiey and fanny and both parties are
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complis complis set in the behavior. instead of changing the failed policies from the bush administration, all obama has gone is expand them and make them worse. >> we want to keep both of you here, when we come back we'll continue the discussion about what's taking place in the united states and are we headed down the same path as europe and what does that mean for that person out there watching at home and saying how does this affect me? how does this affect me? ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do [ woman announcing ]bsite there's an easier way. create your own small-business site... with intuit websites. choose a style, customize, publish and get found... from just $7.99 a month. get a 30-day free trial... at
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a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate, hold the whip and two espressos, one with a double shot. hehe, that's not the coffee talking. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. the 8 layers of whole grain fiber help keep you full so you can avoid the distraction of mid-morning hunger. no thanks, i'm good. (applause) >> continuing our discussion and i want to go right back to daniel. daniel you have said between 1980 and 1992 that condition the entire european union there was virtually not a single new job created outside of the u.k. how on earth did that happen? >> no new private sector jobs and some governor jobs created. and the trouble in europe is
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that it's very difficult to fire team and firms are reluck and the to hire people and don't want to put people on the books in the time they might not be able to drop in the bad times. there's aup swing in europe, the take on the new stuff is sluggish, a higher level of structural unemployment and that's what we should be tackling instead of the crazy idea you carry on spending more and more, reseating the mistakes that lead to the clament calamity. we need to be liberallizing and restructuring. western europe is collapsing as a percentage of world grosse pointe woods and the extraordinary thing is that the government of all the e united states, are still pursuing the policies that brought us this in the first place, more money trying to inflate the bubble again and giving the patient more than a mess than made him sick in the first place. >> peter you've said the same thing for getting jobs in the
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united states difficult to create them because once you create them you just about aren't able to let them go. and react to what conditional has said in job creation for you in your businesses here in the u.s., how hard is it to create a job and how hard is it to get rid of a job that may be need to be rescinded? i've been saying that for years, maybe if i could say it with an english accent. i like the way it sounded coming from daniel, but he's right. that's where jobs come from, i'm an employer. i employ a lot of people and i know firsthand how difficult it is to hire people and how expensive the government makes it, i know a lot of small business owners to do anything they can to avoid hiring people, not because they don't want help. they doesn't want the liabilities, the obligations, rules and regulations and taxes that go along with hiring people. so, if we simply can free up the labor markets, level the playing field, allow businesses to create jobs, without having to worry that
8:17 pm
they're going to get sued or fined for diagnose it and we're going to get a lot more jobs. >> let's talk about regulation, as we're structuring the segment and looking at similarities between what is already happening in europe and it's collapsed economy and what's almost on the virginia of happening here in america, daniel, how much has regulation in europe played a part in the calamities that you're facing. >> here is a scary statistics for you. we had in mid 1970's with 36% and that was western europe's share of the world economy and today it's 26% and in 2020, it will be 15%. and that's what happened. because we've been regulating and taxing and centralizing and the single biggest reason we've been doing that, taking power from the nation states and concentrating, and taking away the competition.
8:18 pm
the main constraint is international competition, you can raise your taxes up and then the money starts going abroad and you can be generous with your your maturity leave and limited working out to a certain point and then the jobs start going abroad and the european union gives you an alternative, instead of facing competition, you can export your costs to them. and that was fine in the 1950's when the competition was only coming from other yur teen countries and today when it's coming from china to india, it's calamitous and that's the proximate cause for the disaster in europe's economy today. piatter, let's talk about an area of heff heavy regulation to american businesses, obama care as it's instituted. what's it going to cost american businesses and will it have a detrimental affect. no one knows how many. the real problem is government
8:19 pm
and the reason that health care is so expensive in the first place is the same reason that college tuitions are so expensive. because the government gets in there and subsidizes it. before government was involved, health care was far less expensive and more accessible to more people. if we simply brought market forces back in the health care, we would have competition, if we can separate health insurance from employment, which is the consequence of our tax code, if people were shopping around, and not, you know, using health insurance as pre-paid medical, we would have much lower health care costs, but instead of taking a free market approach we're just going to get the government even more involved, we're going to run health care costs even higher and make it more expensive for employers to hire poom so what we he end up doing, we destroy jobs in the process and we make health care more expensive. >> mike: i wonder what daniel and peter might say to president obama to get the economy on the right track again. if you want to know i'm going be to be asking him when we be to be asking him when we come back wanna know the difference between a trader and an elite trader?
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>> before the break we were talking about the impact of obama care and daniel, england has long had socialized medicine and how much has the government safety net of socialized medicine contributed to the economic hardships that you face not only in the u.k., but that's faced all over the european union? >> well, on health care, it's not a safety net. if it were just that for people who couldn't afford health care, they wouldn't have it the trouble is it's a monopoly and that's damaged, it's damaged our economy and our health care more immediately. and you know, governments don't run things very well and
8:24 pm
weren't good at stalling telephones or cars or operating airlines or not very good at running a health care system. and on most of the international comparisons, survival rates and waiting times if you got stroke or heart disease, how long does it take to see your doctor, are you alive after one year, five years, britain is, state is the bad manager. what advice would i give obama. first of all, this is not the kind of expenditure you need to be embarking on at the current economic juncture and you have power and the economy, but secondly, you've got to start living within your means. the president would say, we stand ready to help greece and the rest of it. you don't help an indebted friend by pushing more on him. if you want to help get on top of the debt crisis, the world demands much more than the
8:25 pm
world likes to admit, the world doesn't owe us a living on the west, a guy working long hours in china and india and not just so we can buy plastic goods on the end of entitlement. we have to pay our pay in the world and until that hours, power is going to shift to unpresent places. and peter, i want to ask you, having been down at the side of the demonstrations, for occupy wall street. you had some interesting exchanges. what kind of reaction did you get as a business person, trying to explain how capitalism works? >> well, you know, there's a lot of hostility there and people don't understand how capitalism works. there is one person there that thought that i had a duty to share my wealth, but what she doesn't understand is the way you accumulate wealth is by sharing it, and i used the example of steve jobs, he accumulated billions for himself, but in the progress, he shared his wealth with the the entire world. how many people benefit from apple products? how many people got jobs at
8:26 pm
apple. how many investors profited by buying apple stock? steve jobs couldn't have become so wealthy if he didn't share it, but he didn't share it through taxation, he shared through capitalism and that's what people have to understand. they don't understand how capitalism works, they want a better life, they want jobs, want prosperity and yet they're looking to government to provide those things and that's not where they're going to get it. they'll get it by capitalism and not by enslaving the taxpayer, liberating him from taxes and government and go out there and create the prosperity that everybody shares. >> i mean, i think we all know that some of the people down there probably have no idea why they're there, other than there's free food, something to do, but there are people who raise some legitimate questions about big bank, big insurance companies, wall street brokerage firms got bailed out by the government and wondered why students and others aren't getting a bailout if it's such a wonderful thing to bail out people from the government. but peter, how do you respond
8:27 pm
to those who do have legitimate hostilities towards the bailout mentality. >> two wrongs don't make a right and that was one of the reasons i was against the bailouts. i was afraid of the bad precedent we were establishing, the moral hazard. instead of asking for more bailouts. let's condemn those, and rather than blaming wall street for accepting the bailout. anybody is going to help money if the government offers it and why don't we condemn it by making the bailouts available in the first place. what the protesters are protesting, it's not capitalism. they're in favor of it without knowing it and they're protesting the absence of capitalism or crony capitalism. under capitalism that would have been no bailouts for anybody. >> daniel, very quickly, i just want to ask you as you look at the u.s., do you have words of hope and optimism or do you see us driving off the cliff? >> first of all, i want to agree very much with what peter said, you know, whatever has happened in 2008, sits not
8:28 pm
capitalism and capitalist system bad banks would have failed the profitable and bought by the competitors and these guys should be occupying the fed and congress and picked the wrong target. what would i take to the the u.s.? i would say stick to the vision of your founders, you've he got this extraordinarily good fortune that you have a system where you can hold your ruler to account and you started using that system as i understand it, last year, at the mid determine elections and selecting candidates more in tune with public opinion and understand you can't carry on, more taxing and you are the airs of a sublime pat tri moany, pass it on to your children. >> beautiful, daniel, i've got to tell you, and does this hold here and tell me i need to go back to the founders of this great country and i appreciate it, two great, great guys with a lot of thought to pay attention to.
8:29 pm
>> thank you for joining us. [applause] >> before anyone ever heard of usama bin laden or al-qaeda. my next guest knew how crucial afghanistan would be to security. the inspiration behind julia the inspiration behind julia roberts character in charlie ♪ ♪ ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes fr here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there ♪
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♪ hah
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>> i am mary an rafferty. herman cain denying a report he sexually harassed at least two women. he is saying they are untrue and unsubstantiated personal attacks. they stem from his tenure as head of the national rose straunt association. >> 3 million customers are still without power. fallen trees are making it harder for workers to restore full power.
8:33 pm
at least 11 deaths are being blamed on the form. rail service in new york and connecticut expect to be back to normal monday morning after the weather left travelers stranded on planes and trains for hours this weekend. now back to huckabee for the latest headlines log on to knocks former anchor and socialite. in the 1980's america was in a cold war with the soviets and they were fighting to get out of communist rule. and convinced a congressman named charlie wilson to get weapons to the mujahadeen, and charlie wilson's war. she was portrayed by julia roberts. >> charlie. >> yes, ma'am. >> why is the cia running a
8:34 pm
fake war in afghanistan. >> they're doing everything they can. >> they're doing it badly. >> the cia is the mujahadeen. >> and they're millimeter shuckas if the soviet had armor plated helicopter resist a 12 point mill et meter shell and if it was a war, they would issue the communist threat. >> you may be the most sexy woman ever. >> are you patronizing me. >> what do you want me to do? >> this is what i want you to do, save afghanistan for the afghans, i want you to deliver such a crushing defeat to the soviets, communism trumbells and in so doing end the cold war. >> 30 years later she's fighting for the people of afghanistan and a brand new book called diplomacy and diamonds. joining me joanne king herring. so delightful to be here.
8:35 pm
[applause] >> how on earth does a woman who is essentially known for running in the social circles of houston, not only a congressman and a country, but a world. >> i think we were crazy. and not only the little old girl from houston, texas, but probably the crazyiest congressman in washington. >> well, charlie was known as good time charlie. >> there was nobody else to do it. >> why charlie? >> because he was all i had. (laughter) >> and what happened? i went to all republicans who i knew very well of course and grew up with james baker, but, they said, joanne, we can't get even 3,000, not 3 million for afghanistan and i'm so entranced with myself, i can hardly-- (laughter) >> we can't get 3 million for nicaragua. how are we going to get you anything for a little ole country half a world away. you've got a find a democrat.
8:36 pm
so i was dating charlie and there you are and charlie of course was a fly, he didn't have any interest whatsoever in afghanistan, when he began to see the significance of it, the fact was, you see, that in looking at a map, there was afghanistan, there was pakistan, and they didn't have anything. why would the soviets want them? but when you looked at the map there was at streets of hormuz passed the oil and the united states was dependent on it. this is for my country. i'm fighting for my country. >> a lot is going on in afghanistan, are we doing things the right way? >> no. >> mike: what is the right way? >> actually what we need to do is strengthen the afghans to fight their own battles and they can. we've forgotten that this
8:37 pm
people, defeated the greatest war machine in history, the soviet union without one american death. they did it alone, but they've had 30 years of war and they are starving, they don't have good water. they don't, 90% are illiterate. they don't have clinics and all he they need are just simple things like shots, mosquito nets. a mid wife, a water that doesn't make you sick and they have a 300,000 man army and willing to fight, but they're illiterate and they can't read a manual or a road map, but my organization, which is made up not of people of my-- anybody i organize, but nonprofit. nonprofit organizations, that are out there and have been there for the last five to seven years, successfully doing these jobs. one will do water, one will do other things, but they have never been put together and
8:38 pm
so, we put them altogether. so that they can do the job when the american troops come home, the afghans will be strong enough to defend themselves and they will and may i tell you that what my prevention leader that i'm working with said to he me? he said mrs. herring, if you had done this when the oaths left. we would not be under a fanatical tyrannical islamic regime. that's what you were suggesting and begging for as was charlie wilson at the end of the soviet war. if the u.s. had gone in with aid we would probably not be there with military action now? >> this is not a long-term process. in two years we can strengthen the afghans to fight their own battles and they will. the thing is nonprofits over there now are not going home. they are afghans, they' are
8:39 pm
americans trained the afghans to do the jobs and the troops come home and that's my dream, i'm fighting for our children. >> joanne king herring, and we'll be right back. [applause]. ♪ walking my own way
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8:43 pm
superstar and an entrepreneur with a restaurant chain and his own adult beverage. forbes magazine recently named him the top earning country tri star and the new cd, chrenty's tavern. welcome the one and only toby keith! >> welcome back. >> did you bring your own fans with you? >> i think. >> i've been doing this show for three years, i've never ever had an audience react to me like that, i just want you to know. >> we're lucky to have them me and you. >> it's great to have you back. >> thank you, good to be here. >> terrific new album you've got out. chancey's tavern shall a lot of terrific songs that you've written and once again, you have proven your song writing chops, but in doing your song writing through the years, people have sometimes taken
8:44 pm
yo lyrics as political statements and it's been interesting because i think most people who know you have kept up with you, you're not that political a person, and let's play a peace from the taliban song. i want a reaction to how that came around. here we go. ♪ >> that song was really not about democrats and republicans, it's about america. and some people said, oh, that toby,s' a right wing guy. did that bother you. >> that song is actually written for local people in afghanistan.
8:45 pm
that song is about a guy who lives in afghanistan, and leaving during the inflation and allied forces saying, you know, that we've lived under suppression for a long time and we know that u.s. and allies have come to make it a better place and i'm getting the heck out of dodge before they get here and that's what it's about. we played it at a camp called camp phoenix and the soldiers bief all of their eats, like a little 7-eleven, by the time i got off stage, the local afghanis went on the base and bought every one of those. >> they were gone. >> gone. but the point i think, toby, your music is not meant to be pointed politically one way or the other. not a right wing or a left wing and you've identified yourself as pretty much a life long democrat, but really not that into politics.
8:46 pm
>> no, not at all. >> and my father was southern democrat and my grandfather-- as far as i know, before me, everyone was anywhere. >> nor am i, i don't think my parents voted for me. >> really? >> yeah, you know, i grew up like you did, in arkansas and part of the time and oklahoma and had the three great heroes down in the south, elvis, drr and jesus not necessarily in that order and get that picture. >> robert e-lee is there somewhere. >> let's talk about song writing. how do you feel about it, when i hear your songs, they're perky and about people that i can see in my mind. and how did that gift develop with you. >> early age, 6th grade or something, my elementary, and my dad said creative writing lessons, and you shine, so, it was creative writing stills to
8:47 pm
watch because you're brilliant. creative type mind and whieth these fiction stories and reblossomed, i got a guitar and writing songs and tell people like an involuntary muzzle and blinking your eye, you don't county how many times you do it, you didn't notice yourself doing it, but you do it hundreds of thousands of time a day and whatever and i hear people talk and experience life and find myself thinking about a song after that song. and then when i find something, that treats me right. >> that's great stuff and you've gone beyond song writing and you have your own brand of an adult beverage, i have some of it here and it's not open, but a worm down in the bottom. and how in the world did you get into this? >> it's a magic elicks i
8:48 pm
rememb remember-- elixir. >> is it baptist friendly. >> it's not the good lord's wine and cure coughs and sneezes and hayfever. >> mike: what is that worm in there for. >> it's symbolic, a mexican national drink and shooting like tequila and margaritas, before they go to bed at night, pour a little like mexican moonshine. >> is that what that is? (laughter) >> i'm going to let the audience have it not me, but the little worm in there, i guess he's good and dead by now, isn't he? i think what that proves if you drink this stuff you won't have worms. (laughter) >> i think if you ever do get to the bottom i don't think the worm matters. >> mike: toby and i are going to play the title track from his brand new cd called his brand new cd called clancy's tavern when [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years.
8:49 pm
today i own 165 wendy's restaurants. and i get my financing from ge capital. but i also get stuff that goes way beyond banking. we not only lend people money, we help them save it. [ junior ] ge engineers found ways to cut my energy use. [ cheryl ] more efficient lighting helps junior stay open later... [ junior ] and serve more customers. so you're not just getting financial capital... [ cheryl ] you're also getting human capital. not just money. knowledge. [ junior ] ge capital. they're not just bankers... we're builders. [ junior ] ...and they've helped build my business.
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(applause) >> woo! >> i'm back with toby keith. he's got a brand new cd called clancy's tavern and all the members of the audience will be getting their own copy of clancy's tavern today. >> okay. >> toby tell me about the name or the theme of this song. it's about your grandmother, isn't it? >> yeah, she has a tavern in fort smith, arkansas. >> her name is not clancy, but how did she get the name. >> she's a widow, but my grandfather called her clancy, and she owned a bar and she took over a business that was successful, a super club, so,
8:53 pm
i couldn't call it that because billy garner superer club, she wasn't my grandma and i said let's call it clancy tavern, but i brought the real people with me. >> it's a true story. >> true. >> every bit of this is-- >> all the people have names and faces, and just brought the bar back to life. >> you're going to let me play it with you, clancy's tavern. >> one, two, three. >> ♪ any minute the five o'clock cloud wi crowd will be coming ♪ ♪ flowing with beer ♪ and the cigarette smoke and the beer rising and at 5:30 clancy gets here ♪ ♪ she knows all the faces she plaquically raised them and that's why they're loyal and true ♪
8:54 pm
♪ and they pay their tab and that pays the light bill, she keeps their glasses full of brew ♪ ♪ and the welders and the old nine to fivers and the regular joes of the world ♪ ♪ singing here is to you, clancy, and your neighborhood tavern, pour me another, my girl ♪ ♪ oh, her name is lili, she shows up at seven to make sure the service is great ♪ ♪ and as the elmo cooks in the kitchen and burgers and chicken fried steak ♪ ♪ around nine o'clock the band will start playing and the music will fill up the air ♪
8:55 pm
♪ and they'll take a break, every 45 minutes, and the jukebox takes over from there ♪ ♪ and the welders and the tavern, the old nine to fivers ♪ ♪ and the regular joes of the world ♪ ♪ singing hear is to you, clancy and your neighborhood tavern. pour me another my girl ♪ ♪ hey! >> ♪ ♪ 1:35, the last call is upon us, it's time to settle the score ♪ ♪ and won't you call me a tab and bring me my tab, and while you're the at it, bring me one more ♪ ♪ she clean the last table and shined up the bar and it's late and everyone is gone ♪
8:56 pm
♪ and then she'll cock her pistol and count all her money and drive that ole chrysler back home ♪ ♪ and welders and the drivers and the old nine to fivers. and the regular joe's of the world ♪ ♪ singing here is to you, clancy, and your neighborhood tavern ♪ ♪ pour me another, my girl ♪ yeah, good night sweet clancy, in your neighborhood tavern ♪ ♪ we will see you tomorrow, my girl ♪ (applause) >> all right! >> the album is called "clancy's tavern" one. great selections you'll want a copy of clancy's tavern. until next week from new york, that's mike huckabee from the x news studios, good night x news studios, good night and god bless.
8:57 pm
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